Aluminum Signs

Here at Speedy Signs, we offer a variety of custom aluminum signs that can be designed to match any degree of specification you require. Our aluminium sign products are highly versatile and can be used in many different applications to guarantee you get your message out to the public quickly and easily.

4 Standard options for aluminum signs

  • .040 Aluminum - This is the most commonly used for smaller signs or large signs that will be attached to a building or other supportive structure.

  • .080 Aluminum - This is generally used on larger signs that need more rigidness. For example a 4’ x 8’ panel spanning between 2 posts, or for signs that may take a blow. For example, parking lot signs that may get backed into.

  • 3mm Rigid Board - This is a newer material, also called aluminum composite. This has a very dense, hard black plastic core, with an aluminum “skin” on both the front and back surface. This gives the thickness and quality look of an .080 aluminum sign, with the benefits of a lighter weight, and also a more finished looking black edge rather than a raw aluminum edge.

  • 5mm Alumacore - This material is even more rigid than .080 aluminum and is actually rated to have the same rigidity as ½” plywood. This material is recommend for 4’ x 8’ site signs mounted to 4” x 4” posts or used with our PVC sign frame kits

Why Aluminum?

One of the main benefits of aluminum is that it is a durable long lasting substrate for outdoors. It will not rust and holds up beautifully for many years. This material is often used for large storefront signs - it can be digitally printed, clear coated and even contour cut on a cnc router. Standard stock sheet size is 48” x 96”, but this material can be special ordered in up to 60” x 144” panels. Easily attached to your building with hardware, this a great way to add branding and awareness to your business. If you have drive by night traffic, we recommend shining a light onto the sign to light it up. This is a very cost effective alternative to the expensive internally lighted signs. Aluminum signs can also be used for the signs out by the road in front of your business. A great looking option is to contour cut a unique shape from a 4’x4’ or even 4’ w x 6’ h sign - simply anchor 2- 4”x4” pressure treated posts into the ground with a couple of bags of ready mix concrete. Then attach your custom sign panels. You can use 1 panel for a 1 sided signs, hiding the posts behind the signs or for a 2 sided sign, attach one panel on each side, sandwiching and hiding the posts in the middle. Parking lot signs, directional signs, employee safety signs, interior business logo signs, yard signs, political signs, real estate signs, safety signs these are just a few of the many uses for aluminum, the list is endless!